Manuscript Review Services

Manuscript Review Service

High-impact factor journals are selective when it comes to accepting research papers or articles for publication.

For maintaining their standards of publication, they make sure that they only chose crème de la crème i.e. a novel research.

And therefore, a research manuscript is subjected to the critical set of eyes of peer reviewers so that its overall significance can be evaluated.

At Manuscriptial, we provide manuscript peer review services where our expert peer reviewers examine research manuscripts and provides constructive criticism in order to enhance the writing quality and potential merit of the document.

Our Aim is to Create a Masterpiece Worthy of Scholarly Publishing.

Our Manuscript Reviewers

Our peer reviewing panel comprises of subject matter experts from multifarious research fields. They are well acquainted with the insides and outsides of their respective research areas and thus can better advise you on the areas of improvement. Our team of experts providing manuscript review services scrutinizes each manuscript closely to assess the efficacy and the validity of the research. Accuracy of the facts stated in the research documents is checked with the help of various academic resources.

And with the intent of accentuating the research value of the manuscript, our experts provide suggestions & comments to the author for further improvements.

What aspects do peer reviewers focus upon?

  • If the references are used in proper context or not.
  • Whether the complete background information is provided or not.
  • If the facts, arguments, and data given is credible or not.
  • If jargons or unfamiliar terminologies are introduced in the footnotes/appendices or not.
  • If you have developed a feasible conceptual or theoretical framework or not.
  • If your contribution to the existing body of knowledge is significant or not.
  • If your manuscript needs major revisions due to incoherent language.

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