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The Don’ts While Preparing the Cover Letter


Using “To-whom-it-may-concern” is a big NO-NO. Make sure you are addressing it to the editor directly who will be getting and checking your cover letter. This aspect is really important as the scholar seems informed and your efforts of making the publishing request gets a bonus point. Also, put the name of the journal to which you are submitting your manuscript as well.


Yes, jargon is good but have you heard that excess of everything is bad? Putting in a lot of jargon and technical words can make your cover letter look heavily filled with words that stop to make sense after a point of time. Now, you do not want to seem like you tried too hard on preparing a cover letter as it will put a bad impression on your research paper as well.


We know you want to write good things about your research, but the cover letters do not dwell on biased remarks. Let your research speak for itself and let the cover letter stick to the role it plays; that is, highlighting the significance of your research in simple and common terms. Using self-praising remarks can make the editor doubt your objectivity.


The editors do not want to know the list of people whose reputation will be increased by your research paper’s publishing. They only want to know how your research work is worth publishing for their own benefit. They want to know the scope of your research in providing them limelight, so just talk about that in the cover letter.


It becomes difficult to decide what to include and what to not, right? We do understand but it’s better to go with less information rather than filling your cover letter and making it long like a story. Adding too much information can be seen as exaggeration or empty in terms of importance, so keep it brief enough to make the point.


A lot of times scholars end up using the humour in their cover letter to catch the attention of the editor but we suggest avoiding the use of humour as it can go wrong in so many ways. Keep the tone professional and limited to the purpose of the cover letter rather than indulging into putting the efforts which can backfire.

Why Choose Manuscriptial for the Preparation of Your Journal Manuscript Cover Letter ?

01 Expert and Professional

Our team of cover letter writers have been hired after an excruciating test process. Only the best are a part of the team who write cover letters as professionals and have expertise in knowing what to add or to remove from the letter to make it perfect for the purpose.

02 Researched and Well-Addressed

Other than understanding your requirements, our team also looks into the guidelines and requirements of the Journal Publishers you want to address in order to prepare the cover letter. We keep it addressed to the right person and make sure it is highlighting the qualities of the research work in a decent manner.

03 Appropriate Format and Style

Some Journals do not have a format style, but this is not the case with every journal. Therefore, we make sure of the format or style being in accordance with the guidelines of the Journal.

04 Inclusive Of All Required Information

We include all the essential information including the title, submission date, article type, a brief description including the synopsis and background of the research, the research methodology’s overview, principle and scientific findings of the research and the statement of approval of the research article. (Additional information as per the requirements can also get included.)

05 On-Time Completion

Other than making sure that the cover letter is up to the quality standards, Manuscriptial also makes sure that we submit it to you within the timeline marked. We only take the time that is necessary to write the cover letter.

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