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The Process Of Journal Search At Manuscriptial

  1. Send Your Requirements

    Through our contact panel, you can send us your requirements and basic information.

  2. Share Details

    Share the details and inputs about the paper with our expert to set the area of search and customize the work in accordance to your budget.

  3. Get An Expert Assigned

    After this, we assign an expert to look into the research papers and collect the relevant information to suggest you with the suitable Journal options.

  4. Informed Result

    Our team also provides you with additional information about the journals to make it easier for you to choose one for your article publication.


Why Is Journal Search Important?

Clear Perspective

The Focused Research

Just like there are different subjects, there are different Journals which are famous for publishing specific topic related articles and research papers. Getting published by a Journal which is renowned to publish great articles in your specialization can boost your credibility manifolds.

Multiple Options

The Broadened Research

It is not necessary that the first journal you will apply for will publish your article. It is just like aiming for the bull’s eye where you might hit the nose or ear as well. This is why it is important to look into multiple Journals which can publish your research paper just to have back-up in case the first request does not get accepted.

Make It Right

Know About The Journal

The research in journal papers or articles are cautiously done and only get included once it has been classified as facts and evidence. This makes using journal papers credible for further research and paper developing purposes. The chances of making an uninformed report gets reduced due to the credibility of the journals.

Why Choose Manuscriptial?

Make your journal search an easy ride with us.

#1 Wider Research Options

Manuscriptial provides you a wider range of Journal options at just one place. We make sure to go through all the relevant and valuable Journals related with your research topic in order to make sure that you have better options at getting your research paper published.

#2 Expert Support & Advice

With the journal search base, we also provide the guidance of an expert, who supports and advises you with the journals which are the best suited for your requirement. Having an expert’s input can be beneficial.

#3 Faster Results

Manuscriptial values every minute that is used in searching and researching. This is why we use the right keywords in order to limit the search area and to get the results which are close and more relatable to the requirements to sort the appropriate search results faster.

#4 100% Reliability

We only go through the journals which are popular and relevant to your research paper. Our experts make sure to disqualify the options for the journals which are not qualified or which do not publish content which is different from your subjects.

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