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Yes, we have formatting specialists for APA, MLA, Harvard, OSCOLA, and many other formatting guides. In case your university demands a customised formatting style, we are adept in the same as well.

The answer lies in the nature of your research draft prepared. In case you only want a final polishing of your written document based on linguistic and syntax issues, proofreading will be the best service for you. In addition, if you need a check on the logical flow, sentence structuring, presentation, and other subject-related compliances, opt for our editing service.

Only subject matter experts from your same domain work on your document. We have dedicated team of writers, editors and formatting specialist from different subject domains.

We follow a no-plagiarism rule for any and every written document we deliver. Originality is key to providing research-worthy and publication worthy manuscripts to each clienty.

We follow all guidelines of specific formatting styles as prescribed by your university or target journal. These include instructions for table of contents, page margins, page numbers, citation styles, spacing, bibliography, etc.

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